What Tattoos Really Say About A Woman

What Tattoos Really Say About A Woman

What Tattoos Really Say About A Woman

What Tattoos Really Say About A Woman [EXPERT]
Tattoos can clue you in on what a woman is really like.

No one is ever indifferent to tattoos on a woman. People either admire them or have a strong dislike and criticize them. Some are even slightly scared of tattooed girls. So many men, and some women, view tatoos in an extremely stereotypical way.

Here are just a few examples of unflattering epithets we've heard. "Not very feminine." "Too tough." "Promiscuous" and even "dirty" or "trashy." How much truth is in all of that? Why are we so prejudiced when meeting someone new? You should get to know her first. You might be pleasantly surprised. Things are not always what they seem. Having Relationship Trouble? Weigh The Pros & Cons

Let's look at the positive side of having a tattoo. Doesn't a woman need to be brave, adventurous and consistent to be able to tolerate pain for several hours and then live with the picture of her choice? The majority of girls view tattoos as a method of proving something important to others and themselves. A way to remind themselves that they are strong and fearless human beings.

Have no doubt that a girl with a tattoo will join you for a parachute jump or the wildest roller coaster ride. Also, she is not afraid of pain, so don't expect her to whine every time she cuts her finger. Since her tattoo is going to be with her for the rest of her life, she likely expects the same from a relationship.

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If you get to know a woman with a tattoo, you will often see that she is romantic, emotional and vulnerable. She wants to be noticed and complimented, not made fun of or criticized. Maybe the world has been very cruel and unfair to her, so she tries to protect herself from its influence, to almost literally develop a "thicker skin." Not all girls cry and complain about their troubles. Some of women are too proud or reserved for that. Therefore, they express their hidden emotions with tattoos. Why Kristen Stewart Cheated On Robert Pattinson

For many women, a tattoo is the best way to keep memories of the past or to show love and support to their nearest and dearest. One of my closest friends just had a tattoo of a motorcycle carved on her arm to match her dad's. It is accompanied by several warm words of love to help and encourage her father in his struggle with a serious illness. What a sweet and touching gesture.

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