Why Size and Shape Really Matters to Women


Why Size and Shape Really Matters to Women

By Laurel House for GalTime.com

There are definite perceptions, assumptions, and judgments about certain penis sizes and shapes. I have decided to take the topic head on (ahem) and address the differences, while giving you some of the facts about each.



Similar to women, penises have their own personalities -- regardless of size and shape. Sure, there are stereotypes and assumptions, but I know some seriously big-boobed, perfect-bodied blonde chicks who aren’t more fun and could care less about sex, and some majorly mousy brunettes who have a wild streak like you’ve never seen. 

No, I don’t believe that blondes are more fun just because they are blonde, especially in bed. (By the way, I am a blonde, and I have been a brunette.) In fact, I have heard more stories from men about blondes, or pretty girls in general, who are the worst lays they have ever had because they just lie there like a dead fish. They put all of their eggs into their good looks to get the guy off, totally uninterested in technique, inner clenching at the right times, or even faking a few sounds for effect. They literally just lay there “looking pretty.”


So back to penises… same goes. Big, fat, long, straight, curved, thin, any one of them can be good in bed if the proper technique is applied.

Let’s compare the good and the bad of some.



Some guys who have burritos present their package like a “ta-da!” They pull their gigantic slab of meat out of their jeans not realizing the instant fear that they are inducing in their soon-to-be partner’s mind as she wonders “could this thing rip me in half?” And suddenly she remembers that she forgot to feed her dog as she jumps off the bed, hurriedly throws on her clothes, and flies out the door, all the while he lies there stunned, his burrito situated on his stomach looking up at him. STILL, some women love the XXL length and girth.


The Good: It fills you up completely, creating major pressure and stimulation in all areas.

The Bad: The guy may be overly proud of his big guy, making it so that he can be too aggressive with it and forgetting that, like taffy, vaginas need some time to warm up and stretch out in order to avoid tearing. It can be so big that it simply hurts, or that you are too afraid to even try at all. 


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Like a banana on its back, a Banana penis is curved slightly upward (think of a pointer finger giving someone the “come hither” signal).

The Good: Because it is curved up it has the opportunity to constantly rub against the upper wall in the vagina… which also happens to be where the G-spot is said to be. That constant rubbing can make for very good sex, even if the guy has poor technique and is pretty much clueless as to what he’s doing.


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