Top 5 Reasons You're Unhappy and Stressed Out


Top 5 Reasons You're Unhappy and Stressed Out
Figure out how to turn that frown of yours upside down here.

By Talking Teenage, Jennifer A. Powell-Lunder, Psy.D., for

simple solutions to be happier, calmer and less stressed during the holidays (and beyond)



You have a busy, fulfilling life. You have much about which to be proud. You are smart, street savvy, confident and determined, everyone says so.

"Then why," you wonder to yourself, "do I feel so stressed out and unhappy?

Regardless of whether you are young or older, married or single, working outside, working from home, or a stay at home moms when asked what makes you unhappy and  stressed, the concerns and complaints are quite consistent.

Here is a list of the top five stressors which seem to translate into feeling overworked and overwhelmed:




Not matter how many hours there are in a day and how much you are able to accomplish, most of us still feel like there is always more to be done.

The simple solution: Accept the reality that no matter how much time you have available, you will always feel this way.



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Start my making a list of everything you need to do. Rank-order each of the items. Create a schedule for yourself. Now here is the key to avoid feeling overwhelmed, a lot an estimated amount of time to each task. You must be honest with yourself about how long it will take to complete each item on your list. Also ensure that you only include the most important items. Be clear about how many tasks you can complete in a given day. It is also important that you schedule down time for yourself.

This brings us to reason number two:


You spend your days being pushed and pulled in so many different directions some days you are unsure if you are coming, going, or left.



Take a deep breath, there is a simple solution: If you don't feel like you can make the time you simply have to take it! Remember that schedule you made for yourself? It is very important that it include time for yourself. Don't be surprised when you realise that when you reserve some time for yourself, you actually work more effectively and efficiently. Making time for yourself cuts down on stress. When you are less stressed you are more productive.


Do you feel tired all the time? You are not alone. Perhaps sleep is simply not a priority. Even when you do set aside more time for sleep, do you find yourself tossing and turning, replaying your day, thinking about what you should have done or could have do better?



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