Should Women Carry Condoms?


Should Women Carry Condoms?

By Laurel House for

As much as we don’t want to admit it and no matter how high-tech condoms get, nothing feels as good as skin on skin. But really, is the post-sex stress REALLY worth the two minutes (if it’s a quickie) to 60 minutes (if it’s a full-on romp) of coital bliss? No, it’s not. As much as it may SEEM worth it while you’re in the moment. It’s not. Ok?



Sex without a condom is kind of like chocolate cake (or whatever your favorite bad-for-you-food is). In that weak moment, the idea of eating the entire cake is wholly enticing (in fact you might even be able to totally justify it). But once you decide to give in and eat that cake, the next day, if not mere minutes after, you regret it. I mean full on “what the @%$* was I thinking?” regret.

Same goes with riding bareback. Chicks, it is NOT HIS RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE SAFE! Sure, if you are in a serious, monogamous relationship with someone, you have both been tested, you know about and are ok with the potential consequences of unprotected sex (yes, even pulling out is NOT fail proof!!!!!) Then do what you want, making a decision in a sane, calm, not in-the-heat-of the… moment.

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Condom-Buying Embarrassment?

The weird thing is, I have always been embarrassed to go to the market, pick out, stand in line, place on the belt, and purchase condoms. I’m not a prude, but for some reason I feel embarrassed standing there with the little box in my hand, as if they are screaming out to everyone around that


I’m a slut because I’m having sex. Instead of advertising my sex life to the other shoppers in line, I generally sneak to the back of the store and buy my condoms from the pharmacist (there’s usually a shorter line and it’s substantially more private). But why?

There is nothing wrong with buying condoms. In fact, it’s the responsible thing for chicks to do. Why is it the man’s role? Just because it’s an item that goes on him, it’s an item that goes in you and, in my opinion, it’s protecting you more than it is protecting him. After all, aside from STDs, sex without protection can get you pregnant and you, not he, is the one carrying that child for 9 months!


If you’re more comfortable, sure, buy your condoms from the pharmacist, hold them in your hand until it’s time to ring them up, then immediately slip them into your purse once purchased. It’s better than not wearing them at all. I mean, really. You may feel stressed or shy walking up to the clerk to make that embarrassing, pleasure-making purchase, but imagine how you would feel if you chose to skip the rubber and ended up pregnant or with an STD instead. It’s time for chicks to take charge.

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