8 Great Winter Dates


8 Great Winter Dates
Check out these fabulous ideas to go on a fun date during the holiday season.

By GalTime Writer, Kelly Rouba, for GalTime.com

date ideas that will melt your heart


As the weather gets colder and the nights get longer, it’s tempting to just stay inside and cuddle up with your partner under a warm blanket while watching a good movie. And while alone time is always nice (and necessary), don’t let the winter weather stop you from getting out with your special someone and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“[Women] should make time for winter dates because it gives their partner a chance to show off his or her romantic side, more so than just walking down the beach on a summer day or having a picnic in the park during the spring. Winter dates scream romance!” says Tierra Fields of New Jersey.

As far as romantic winter dates go, Fields says nothing beats a good old -fashioned carriage ride. Some towns also offer festive trolley rides during the holidays, which is a nice way to see the sights while enjoying each other’s company.

Dating expert and founder of the match site Sitting In A Tree, Stacie Ikka says that there are many wintertime activities that can make for memorable dates and that couples should take full advantage of those opportunities.

"Any opportunity to date is a good opportunity to date, weather conditions notwithstanding,” she says. “If you’re using cold temperatures as a reason not to get out there, what other excuses are you making and what other self-imposed obstacles are you creating for reaching the love you so richly deserve?”

So if you and your partner are ready to get out of the house but still aren’t sure what to do, try one (or more...or all!) of Ikka's 8 best suggestions for heart-warming winter dates.

Go ice skating

Even if you can’t make it to the famed Rockefeller Center to ice skate, hitting a local rink can be just as fun. Holding hands as you skate around the ice and then sharing a cup of hot chocolate to warm up afterwards makes for a nice afternoon or evening out.

Visit a gourmet coffee shop and order a personalized concoction for each other


“My boyfriend used to do this all the time and while it drove the baristas a little crazy, it was a simple adventure and indulgence for us,” Ikka said, recalling, “He would go up and order while I waited at a table or in the car, come back proudly holding a coffee cup, and I'd—on cue—ask, ‘So, what'd we get this time?’ I can only imagine it would be that much more fun with someone you don’t know as well.” As an added bonus, some coffee shops have nice fireplaces to snuggle up by while sipping your special drink. (Be sure to be mindful of personal preferences and allergies when ordering!)

Hit the hills on a toboggan or sled


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