10 Romantic Movies You Must See


10 Romantic Movies You Must See
A girl can never watch too many love stories. Find out the ones you need to see ASAP.
By The Film Fatales for GalTime
Some of the best relationship movies

Admit it, you’re just as sappy as we are. (Maybe even more so, considering we’re two pretty tough broads.)

For those moments when you want to have a good cry or feel all mushy inside, consider our must-see romantic movie picks.


Have a box of tissues handy and some surefire way to retrieve your dignity.


THE FILM FATALES Top Romantic Movies

Nicole’s Picks:

An Affair to Remember: Sure, a lot of it is cornball 1950s romance, but I defy you not to weep madly when Cary Grant discovers exactly why Deborah Kerr didn’t make it to the top of the Empire State Building that fateful night. And if you don’t, well—you’re obviously heartless.

Out of Africa: Streep and Redford. COME ON! With those two, you just know it’s gonna be great. And how it was, is, and always will be. I will never get over the scene with the lions. Ever. It’s just not gonna happen. I’m typing this and starting to well up. Must.move.on.

Gone with the Wind: It may be a cliché, but there’s nothing quite like Rhett’s unwavering love for that b*tch of a belle Scarlet—even if they don’t end up happily ever after.

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