5 Ways To Treat Depression Without Meds


5 Ways To Treat Depression Without Meds [EXPERT]
Medication comes with all kinds of unwanted side effects. These treatments have none.

Depression feels like you're under a huge dark cloud. It also brings negative thoughts about yourself, about others, and about your future. Psychologist Aaron Beck called these bleak thoughts the negative cognitive triad. If you've been feeling the dark cloud and thinking with the cognitive triad, you're probably not just moody or sad. You're depressed. 

Medication sometimes eases depression but risks troubling side effects like foggy thinking, a numb feeling that blocks happiness, loss of sexual interest and weight gain. Talk therapy can help and couples therapy can be especially helpful if relationship problems are triggering the depression. Exercise or sex may be able to pop you out of the darkness, but the effects tend to be temporary. How You Can Learn To Love Yourself


The following five new alternative treatments have virtually no negative side effects and can bring a surprisingly speedy recovery. If you already have a therapist, you might ask him or her to investigate learning these techniques to use with you. Some of the techniques you can do yourself.

1. Shift the energy in your brain. New brain imaging techniques used by neuropsychology researchers have established that the brain of someone who is depressed shows more energy in the right prefrontal lobe than the left. The brain of someone who feels happy has more energy in the left than the right.

Reading this information one day, Dale Petterson, an energy therapist who works in my office suite, came up with a brilliant idea. "Let's just shift the energy!" Energy psychology utilizes the principle energy follows intention. It also uses the principle that intentions can be magnified by applying additional energy.

By running a special magnet down the governing meridian, for instance down a person's back along his spine, while verbalizing his intention of shifting the client's energy from the right to the left prefrontal lobe. Dale creates energy shifts and the depression lifts! Sound too good to be true? Try it, you can even do this with Dale via Skype! If you feel better for a while, maybe a few days, and then the depression slips in again, repeat the procedure.

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