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Relationship prep: If you are looking to improve your intimate relationship, or to feel better prepared so you can find the partner of your dreams, I've built a website I'd suggest you head for right away. Based on my relationship book The Power of Two, the PowerOfTwo website offers an inexpensive and always-accessible way to quickly upgrade your relationship skills. It's online program for anyone, single or coupled, looking to be able to enjoy a loving partnership.

Psychotherapy or Couples Therapy: Looking for a therapist with treatment methods that bring relief as soon as possible? I expect my clients to feel significantly better after virtually every session, even their first. My father was an efficiency expert.  I learned from him the importance of finding methods that bring rapid results, and at the same time outcomes that stay positive over time. 

My background: In college at Harvard I was an English major.  After college I taught English in New York before going to NYU for a psychology doctorate.  Teaching English led to two aspects of my career.  First, my therapy methods include a strong component of teaching so that my clients to learn the skills that will enable them to no longer need my help. Second, I became a writer myself in addition to doing clinical work. 

My Publications: My first book was on a parenting dilemma.  David Decides About Thumbsucking helps children to end sucking and shows parents how to aid their children in overcoming detrimental habits.

My next was for therapists.  From Conflict to Resolution explains that negative emotions arise from poorly resolved conflicts.  Therapy heals anxiety, anger, depression and addictive urges by facilitating conflict resolution, that is, by helping clients to find positive solutions to the situations that upset them.

The Angry Couple, a video from a Master Therapists series, shows me doing this kind of therapy; it is a staple in most graduate school couples therapy training programs.

My most recent book, The Power of Two, teaches couples the skills for relationship and marriage success.  Translated into six foreign language editions, the book and an accompanying workbook now are available also as a fun interactive online relationship ed program. Clicking PowerOfTwoMarriage.com can get you a free relationship quiz plus three free days of relationship help. 

Personal: I believe in marriage and family.  All too many people in today's world have too few or too difficult family relationships. 

My husband and I have been married over 40 years. Our four kids grew up and married loving partners.  We enjoy ten grandchildren whom we adore, with more on the way.  Small or large, loving relationships bring blessings that I aim to help my clients to be increasingly able to enjoy. 

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

My parents fought.  From early on I learned to mediate their disputes.  I became real good at it, for which I thank them.  At the same time I could see from early on that marital arguing was needless.  Better to skip the fights and instead to talk quietly about differences, listen to each other's concerns, and make decisions cooperatively. 

Now as a PhD psychologist, I work with individuals, couples and families. I write books and teach workshops on therapy technique for fellow therapists. and also write books and blogs, here and on PsychologyToday.com, for folks who want to enjoy more gratifying relationships.  

Dr. Susan Heitler, creator of "Power of Two Marriage"

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Dr. Susan Heitler, creator of "Power of Two Marriage"

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Dr. Susan Heitler, creator of "Power of Two Marriage"

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Dr. Susan Heitler, creator of "Power of Two Marriage"

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