7 Unbelievable (But True!) Health Benefits Of Sex


7 Unbelievable (But True!) Health Benefits Of Sex [EXPERT]
Who knew sex was so beneficial?!

Are you exercising regularly? Eating right? Having regular sex?

Sex is not just for pleasure, procreation and fun; it's also part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are seven reasons to have sex for the health of it, and notice that you don't need another person to reap the rewards!


1. Pain relief. Orgasms switch your state of mind from pain to pleasure. Also, the contraction and relaxation of muscles can relieve cramps and some pain instantly.   

2. Mood improvement. Are you feeling blue? Orgasms increase estrogen and endorphin levels, which improve a woman's mood.

3. Increased emotional connection. Another hormone, oxytocin, which has often been called "natures bonding agent" increases up to five times at the point of orgasm.

4. Better sleep. Rolling over and going to sleep after sex is one of nature's gifts. According to research, you have 15-20 minutes of cuddle time before the oxytocin kicks in.

5. Reduced stress. The neurotransmitter dopamine released during arousal induces a state of relaxation that intensifies at orgasm.  

6. Physical glow. Both men and women are perceived to look younger and healthier after an "O." Sex and orgasms can be one of the best spa treatments available to you. The best part? They are free!

7. Improved immunity. Sex strengthens the immune system, which keeps you healthy. And besides, it feels good.


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