6 HOT Secrets To Next-Level Masturbation (You're Welcome)

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Your "alone time" could be SO much better!

May is Masturbation Month in the United States. This month just isn't complete without delving more into this subject.

For all the benefits there are to masturbation, we do ourselves injustice when we do it quietly, quickly and secretly all the time! In our rush to “get it over with”, there are so many pleasant sensations that we missed, and hence not felt or optimized!

Here are six ways we can indulge in pleasure more consciously:

1. Go At It Longer

Indeed, there are days when we don’t have too much time for ourselves. But when we have a little extra time, we can try “edging”. Edging basically means to stop right before ejaculation or orgasm. We can do so by masturbating slowly and gently, and then easing off. If we're able to do so three or four times, we experience more intense orgasms.

2. Switch Hands

Being creatures of habit, we tend to masturbate in the same way all the time. After all, why change a good thing? But if we switch hands, it will not just result in different sensations when masturbating but also different levels of self-awareness. Ease off the goal of orgasm and take a bit more time to focus on sensation.

3. Use Both Hands

There are many creative things we can do with our hands when self pleasuring. For instance, as one hand is touching our genitals, the other can explore our chest, nipples and body. Our sexuality extends beyond our genitals. When one hand is still, the other can do the caressing elsewhere. With time, it coordination and creativity get easier.

4. Go Beyond Your Hands

Besides our hands, vibrators, dildos and other types of sex toys are perfect companions for solo sex! If showering, we may want to direct the water from the shower head onto where feels good, for example the clitoris. Even if we don’t own a sex toy, we can experiment with different types of fabrics and textures over our skin. As our skin becomes activated, we may feel alive in subtle ways we have never felt before.

5. Use A Mirror

Watching ourselves going through the stages of sexual response is a little intimidating. However, we're getting a look at the person we ought to love more than anybody else. For men, instead of masturbating lying down in bed or sitting in front of porn playing from the laptop, stand in front of a full-length mirror. For women, we could prop ourselves against a wall mirror or hold up a handheld one as we perform clitoral or vaginal stimulation. Once we overcome our discomfort, with time, we will deepen our connection with ourselves.

6. Try Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation refers to couples who self-pleasure next to each other without touch. This act is very revealing as we usually masturbate in secrecy and privacy. Masturbating in front of our partner is, therefore, intimate. It provides the opportunity to discuss solo sex, as well as “cement” and build an even stronger connection.

I have found that my clients keep reverting to their habits of masturbation without any sense of creativity or curiosity about their bodies anymore. Instead of treating masturbation as only a way to release stress and tension, I hope you're inspired to deepen your self pleasuring experiences into spiritual practices.

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