Founder of Eros Coaching, Dr. Martha Tara Lee is a Clinical Sexologist who conducts sexuality and intimacy coaching in Asia. She is compassionate, practical, honest, interactive and solution-focused. Dr. Lee incorporates a blend of conventional and alternative approaches and draws upon a variety of styles and techniques to support each client as they work to resolve both current problems and long-standing patterns.

Dr. Lee utilizes her years of experience in professional communications and volunteer counseling to optimize her coaching work. A well-traveled Singaporean Chinese, Martha welcomes individuals as well as couples of all sexual orientations.

Often cited in the local media, Dr. Lee is the appointed sex expert for Men’s Health Singapore, Men’s Health Malaysia, Durex Singapore Facebook page as well as Durex Malaysia Facebook page. She has a weekly column with and blogs for Good Vibrations Magazine. She was recognised as one of ‘Top 50 Inspiring Women under 40′ by Her World in July 2010, and one of ‘Top 100 Inspiring Women’ by CozyCot in March 2011. Her first book Love, Sex and Everything In-Between was published by Marshall Cavendish in Oct 2013.

Sexuality Coaching 

Sexuality coaching is concerned with the physical, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual makeup of an individual. It can address gender, gender role, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual preference, and social norms as they affect physical, emotional, and spiritual life.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is about breaking down the barriers, which prevent change from happening and creating the ideal environment for positive action to take place. It is a totally holistic approach which looks at the present and sets goals for a more successful future.

Sexual Education Workshops

Dynamic and customized public education workshops and programs for educational institution and organizations are available. Please contact me directly to discuss your needs.

Telephone Access

For greater convenience, telephone coaching or counseling is available through Skype. This option is extended to clients whom I have already met at least once. If you travel or other schedule demands make this the preferred option, please email to arrange.

Answer Sexuality Questions Via Email

Ask a factual question related to sex or sexuality and I will answer you within 72 hours! Note: This has to be a straight forward question where a clear answer is possible, and not applicable to personal sexual issues as it is not possible to diagnose or treat via email. Payment via Paypal.

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The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

Personally, I was curious to learn more about sex because I did not receive any sexuality education growing up in Singapore. I missed out on biology completely because I was in the Arts stream. The compulsory annual school assemblies I attended through my secondary school career were on why women bled monthly and how we young ladies have to pay particular attention to personal hygiene.

I saw that there was a sore lack of trained sexuality educators in Singapore. Surely, there was more to understanding sex and sexuality than learning to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), making babies and getting your period? This was why I decided to pursue a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and am now a trained Clinical Sexologist.

The best thing about my job is seeing the glimmer of hope on the faces of clients, reigniting the sparkle of light in their eyes and of course, helping them overcome their sexual difficulties and, consequently, achieve a more fulfilling life.”

A slightly longer, more honest answer is: I had to.

I was tired of the lack of any real and meaningful conversations about sex and sexuality. If sex was this wonderful, beautiful and intimate act between two people in love, why is it always talked about so negatively? Nobody was acknowledging the importance of sex and sexuality to one’s sense of well-being, not to mention the role it plays in a relationship.

Prior to this, I had already worked in corporate communications for eight years – doing public relations, marketing and advertising. I left a comfortable career to start a non-profit helping young people in the area of career guidance. I did so because I was no longer satisfied with the status quo. I could no longer deny that I care about people more than money, and helping people was more important to me than climbing the corporate ladder. I broke out of my comfort zone and there was no turning back. And yes, it was scary.

After two years doing a combination of volunteer recruitment and management, fundraising and everything in between, I realised my heart was with working with people directly. To ‘help’ from a distance was safe for me and I knew it. I had to put myself on the line.

I had been doing volunteer counselling work for three years by then, and realised that there was a jarring gap in the dialogues revolving around sexuality in Singapore. I knew as a professional sexologist, I would have the unique expertise that would allow me to contribute to the well-being of men and women – including helping them develop an understanding of their sexuality and better express themselves through sex and intimacy.

I also knew in my heart of hearts that I could make a difference, but I had to get the training. And I did.

Sex is not everything. But sex is important.

I became a Clinical Sexologist because I had to.

Dr. Martha Tara Lee

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