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The Top 5 Romantic Adventures

The Top 5 Romantic Adventures

Explore the pleasure, fun and intimacy of being with your partner without a special occasion!

The Top 5 Romantic Adventures

Consider supplementing the flowers and candy by delving into your creative mind to draw upon some pleasurable, fun and intimate experiences.  The following 5 romantic escapades were ways in which couples have decided to celebrate their relationship and make it an encounter to remember.

1. Pleasure Hunt:  First partner tells the other that a special evening of intense pleasure awaits upon arriving home.  As the unsuspecting partner opens the door, there is a note with a clue to begin the search.  The path of notes leads the person to the bathroom where the bubbles are flowing, candles are lit and a beverage is cooling close by.  After the warm/hot bath the couple retires to the bedroom where they both will take delight in cuddling on a bed surface covered in rose petals, which invades the senses on all sorts of levels – tactile, aroma, visual and from there the fun escalates.

2. Tease Me, Please Me: Blindfold your partner and invade their senses with a variety of different objects from around the house or apartment.  You can use foods to taste and feel, different fabrics to caress the skin surfaces.  The idea that many couples use in this arena is to intensify erotic longings, sometimes satisfied and sometimes not, which can be experienced as even more passionate  – depending on your mood. There is no need to assume that it will lead to anything more than fanning the flames of erotic desire, which in itself intensifies erotic feelings each has for the other.

3. Rub Me The Right Way:  A lot of couples have learned to relax at the end of a stressful day with a full body massage and have learned to take it one step further in building desire for each other.  Couples have learned that taking the time to make the room as comfortable as possible will only add to the pleasure of being touched.  Some couples have even gone as far as introducing some mild “whip play” – meaning they acquired a soft tail flogger that they use as a massage tool in their bag of ppleasures.  The scent of leather is appealing to many and the feel of soft tails skating across your skin can help build excitement to daring new highs.

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