Dr. Dorree Lynn Denounces “Sex Drive Magic”


Dr. Dorree Lynn Denounces “Sex Drive Magic”
Dr. Dorree Lynn claims author Mark Wallace misquoted her and others in his book "Sex Drive Magic"

Dr. Dorree Lynn Denounces Claims Made in Mark Wallace’s book “Sex Drive Magic”

In early September 2011 I received an email from Dr. Patti Britton regarding my name, image, and credibility being used to support and market Mark Wallace’s book “Sex Drive Magic” and associated websites. Yes, I was interviewed by Mr. Wallace earlier this year but I regret to report that I have been misquoted and misrepresented in his book.


Upon learning of this situation, I requested Mr. Wallace remove me from his websites and from his book immediately. To my knowledge, so have several, if not all, of the other experts that Mr. Wallace interviewed and included in his book.

While situations like these are sometimes unavoidable, they, like many awkward and unavoidable situations in life, provide us with an opportunity to either learn and/or teach ourselves and others. Hopefully Mr. Wallace has learned a lesson in referencing direct quotes from other people. I have learned a lesson on how to handle situations like this, and we’re all about to learn the important things to know about sex toys, factors killing your sex drive, medications to avoid, and libido enhancing foods.

Allow me to set the record straight on these topics that were covered in Mr. Wallace’s book, just in case there’s any confusion. Text from “Sex Drive Magic” will be identified as SDM and the transcript of my interview with Mr. Wallace will be defined by my initials DL. I shall mark my responses in italics. NOTE: The text from the transcript has not been confirmed by my staff, as all we received was the text copy (not the audio). Punctuation has been added, but nothing else has been changed from the transcript. That being said, please excuse any poor grammar, as the text is of a conversation, in which I expect my tone and message fluctuated in the way that happens when you’re trying to explain something verbally.


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SDM: Dr. Dorree Lynn is a psychologist, sexologist, life coach and best selling author of three books on sexual health and relationships. She is a highly sought after speaker and media expert that has been featured in countless magazines such as Men’s Health, Time, News Week, USA Today and many more!

She was thoughtful enough to provide us with her expert insight as to how YOU and anyone else can raise libido and strengthen their relationship all at once using natural, safe methods that have been tested and proven to work.

DL: ---

Thank you for the kind introduction, but I never claimed that any method was safe for everyone, nor did I claim that any method had been tested and proven to work. And I certainly did not claim that ALL of them were safe and tested and proven to work. Also, my three books are on psychotherapy, caregiving, and sex for grownups. They are not all about sex and relationships.

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SDM: Important Information on Sex Toys: As men and women get older, it’s natural that our bodies will begin to give out on us. Your sex drive is no different from the other functions in your body. So let’s think about this for a minute. What happens when an elderly person has lost the ability to walk?

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