Keeping an Erection During Oral Sex

Keeping an Erection During Oral Sex

Keeping an Erection During Oral Sex

Pharmaceutical companies would love you to pop a pill to solve your limp ways, this isn't necessary.

Question: The last time I was getting oral sex I lost my erection and now it happens often. Why does this happen and what can I do to stop it?

This can be a very common experience. As rapidly as blood engorges your penis to make it erect, the blood can just as quickly drain away leaving you limp. In fact, many men also lose their erections during sexual intercourse.

You see your brain—not your penis—is actually your primary sex organ; so when you’re stressed or worried your arousal level will decrease. There are a number of reasons why this happens.


For example, it can be difficult to keep an erection if you’re thinking: “Is it big enough?”, “What if I ejaculate too quickly?” or worse, “What if I can’t ejaculate?”

And if you do lose your erection once—like you have during oral sex—you start to worry that it’s going to happen again. Creating a nasty flaccid cycle.

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