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Divorce Recovery Coach

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If you're tired of living in pain, resentment, guilt, and disappointments of the past, then join the courageous men and women who have experienced the death of a relationship only to ...

About Me

If there is one thing I would say to someone going through a breakup is that you don’t have to do it alone. 

I’m here to hold your hand, to listen, and to give you hope for a bright new future filled with self-love, confidence, and excitement for your life. 

I’m a cheerleader and hand-holder when you need it.  And, I’m also ruthlessly compassionate in directing you away from self-sabotage and everything you felt you lost  and pointing you in the direction of possibilities and gratitude for everything you've gained.

I help you find the gifts and wade through the grief, sadness, and fears to come out the other side victorious.  It may not feel easy, because it’s not – you have to face your difficult emotions and experiences, but only feeling it fully will open you up to a new life.

I know this because I’ve been there!  In 2004, my relationship of 23 years ended suddenly.  I was lost and had no idea how to rebuild my life.  I learned the hard way, but you don’t have to.  Statistics show that it takes 4-8 years to heal after a relationship loss – I was a slow learner, but I paid attention and now I can guide you back to your juicy magnificent self in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

I’m here for you!  And we will work together to determine your unique healing pathway.  I’ll teach skills and share tools and resources to help you gain the clarity you need to move on with confidence.

Imagine a life where you are happy and healthy and joyful for all you’ve been through because you’ve allowed it to grow and evolve you into a better you. 

If you’re curious how I can help, then click here to schedule a 20-minute complementary session with me, and we’ll get you on the right track.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

Because I care deeply and have found that my uncondtional non-judgmental way of being with people creates a safe place for people to heal from their loss and create better lives.

I provide:

  • A community of support.  
  • A reflection of your magnificence
  • Compassion and non-judgmental support
  • An appreciation for yourself and the wisdom you are gaining
  • A way to reconnect with your sacredness
  • How to regain your power after loss and grief
  • Skills & tools to break free from past sabotaging behaviors

Success Stories

Leila opened possibilities in my life when I could see none.

What I gained from the few sessions I had with Leila, was the releasing to the surface was a core piece of my being that had been suppressed. I was dealing with acute severe depression and had attributed the depression to stressful relationships surrounding my life, but as she guided me through my assessment, she helped me to discover, the stressful relationships were only distracting me from facing an even bigger sadness – sadness stemming from my holistic core values being squelched. 

In turn, my confidence was squelched.  I felt ashamed to admit to anyone that I felt I had wasted so much time, money and energy. I felt hopeless and incompetent.  Leila took me by the hand and walked through this with me. She compassionately gave me permission to be completely transparent. Her insight opened the door to my buried feelings of hopelessness. 

Leila targets key issues.  Leila’s wisdom, insight and determination helped me to bravely take the steps I needed to discover how to be true to my core values and beliefs - to be true to myself.  The outcome after just a few sessions was that I discovered a whole new  pathway that is perfectly fit for me and allows me to be true to myself.  This was crucial in my recovery from overwhelming anxiety and depression caused by suppressed feelings. 

Leila opened the door to possibilities in my life when I could see none.

~Janie H., California

I now have a life that reflects my deepest values!

“Through the intensive process Leila facilitated, I was able to navigate hidden patterns in my life and uncover ways I undermine my efforts. I was able to evolve into who I really wanted to be and create a life that reflects my deepest values. I recommend Leila to anyone who is seeking to redesign and re-invision their lives into honest and empowered ways.“~ Tina Kai, Entrepreneur.

My future is compelling!

“My future is compelling and I have the confidence that there is nothing I can’t move through.  Instead of watching my life happen and then reacting to it, I’m now participating in my life.  Instead of turning a situation into a new drama for which I need to come up with an elaborate rescue plan, I am now clear in my direction.”

~ Elizabeth B., Kansas

I will choose Leila to support me through any transition!

Leila is a knowledgeable and inspirational career coach and support for anyone who desires to make a change in their business practice.  She provides meaningful feedback, brilliant resources, and effective exercises and ideas as I faced the challenges of creating growth in my private practice.  I sincerely and enthusiastically endorse her services.  I will choose her support and expertise again in any period of transition.”  ~ Martha G. Clingman, LCSW

Time in Practice6-10 years
I practice inMultiple states/provinces, please inquire
Additional ExpertiseRelationship Coach
I offer my servicesAt my office
Other, please inquire
I am fluent inEnglish
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