How To Tell If a Guy Friend Likes You


How To Tell If a Guy Friend Likes You
Response to reader questions I've received regarding specific situations.

Lately, I have gotten a few questions from readers on how to tell if a guy they are interested in really likes them or not.

Learning how to tell if a guy likes you often depends on the situation. Although I’ve written articles before explaining general ways to tell if a guy is interested, that advice doesn’t always apply to every situation.


I wanted to take a minute to address some situations that you may encounter.

First Situation:
You’ve known this guy for a while. You two have become really close, and you both flirt with each other on a regular basis. Perhaps you’ve even gone out socially or he has said things indicating an interest in a relationship but in a really casual way.

However, you have been in limbo here for a while. You want a full blown relationship, but so far it has been nothing more than friendship, flirting, and the occasional social outing or thoughtful gift.

You aren’t sure if you are moving towards dating or just really close friends.

There are a number of reason you may be stuck in this limbo.

It is possible he really does want a relationship, but he thinks you are happy with the way things are or that you only see him as a close friend. He may be afraid of being rejected by you.

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