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About Delaine Moore

Delaine Moore is an author, speaker, Divorce & Dating Coach, and founder and CEO of I Am Divorced Not Dead. Armed with a mission to help men and women going through divorce STOP falling apart and START becoming Fearless and Fiery, Delaine loves coaches individuals and groups on how to successfully shed their married skin, date with confidence, and pursue passion in all areas of their lives.

Having survived and championed her own painful divorce - which included overcoming infidelity and single parenting three young children - Delaine went on to write a memoir, The Secret Life of a Newly Single Mom: A One-Year Memoir of Finding Sex & Satisfaction After Divorce (Seal Press, Spring 2012), co-found a magazine for divorced women, and partner with relationship expert Dr. John Gray of Mars Venus Coaching. Delaine is a masterful mentor when it comes to blasting through your self-told lies and excuses, unlocking the secrets of dating success and understanding the opposite sex, excavating your dormant passions, and fueling them with courage, confidence, and clarity.

Delaine’s controversial memoir, The Secret Life of a Newly Single Mom: A One-Year Memoir of Finding Sex & Satisfaction After Divorce chronicles her wild, yet profound ‘body-driven’ awakenings in the first after her divorce. She admits she is both nervous and excited to ‘bare’ herself in its Spring 2012 release: "In giving my Self permission to follow my body’s fire and wisdom, I inadvertently flipped my middle finger at society's RuleBook for women.”

The former COO and Executive Editor of Divorced Women Online, Delaine’s expert articles have appeared on MSN's GLO, First Wives World and The New York Time’s About.com. Her essay, “Less Than a Bump and a Grind,” won the Readers’ Choice Award in Novelette.com’s essay competition, and she has made other media appearances on the likes of Cosmo Radio, Divorce Blog Radio and Financially Fit TV.

Delaine also applies her expertise and training to the business world as a Mars Venus Executive Coach. She is Canada's leading authority on gender intelligence, smashing through gender-based barriers and closing more sales. Her executive coaching services can be viewed on DelaineMoore.com.

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