Can You Hypnotize Someone To Love You?


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Learn how your mindset hypnotizes your dates to be attracted or repelled by you.

Being a hypnotherapist, I often get strange questions from all walks of life. The most common question is, "I love this person and I want to know how to hypnotize them to love me back." Well, the way people feel about you is somewhat in your control. You can persuade a person to be either repelled or attracted to you. Ultimately, they also have a choice to stay or leave so you don't have complete power of them.

You hear a lot about the law of attraction, but that is just one law of the universe. There is another law called the Law of Transfiguration. What you believe inside you can persuade others to believe. Sort of like Obi Wan Kenobe in the scene from the movie, Star Wars when he had sent a vibe out to the storm troopers saying, "These are not the Jedi’s you are looking for" and they believed him. You actually have the power to send your dates a subconscious message, "I am the one you are looking for or run like hell I have issues."


How does it work? You are always subconsciously communicating to your dates and partners about what you believe about yourself and them. Unfortunately, what most people think deep inside isn’t the best about themselves. They blindly send subtle messages of their low worth and value and then wonder why they looked so great but the guy never called for a second date. The guy thought she was really pretty, but for some reason he had this inner knowing that she wasn’t good enough. Dating experts will tell you what things you did wrong on your date, but attraction is 99% internal.

Looks have very little to do with what makes people love someone. You operate on default based on the relationship blueprint you learned early in life and repeat the patterns unaware that you are doing it. So, if you have beliefs about love and the opposite sex that aren’t very supportive, you will continue being attracted to men or women that match those beliefs. They will always disappoint you and then, after your latest heartache, you open up your copy of "He just isn’t that into you" and try to find out what you can do to fix yourself.

When I was single, I saw the law of transfiguration in action so clearly. I would meet someone and they would be crazy about me (actually, physically attracted). After a few dates I would lose my mojo and they stopped calling every day until they suddenly got busy on Saturday nights when we used to have a set date. The romance went from hot to cold very quickly. I couldn’t explain what happened.

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