A 7 Step Guide To Better Sex In Marriage


A 7 Step Guide To Better Sex In Marriage [EXPERT]
Couples forget that marriage is a choice "not a given." That goes for the sex in marriage as well.

Keeping the sexual intimacy alive in a marriage is a choice and it does require some work.

This article is a guide to better sex in your marriage. As a certified clinical sexologist, I help couples to find the sexual intimacy in their marriage and enjoy sex in a fun, playful and loving way. Anyone can have sex per say, but not everyone can have intimate sex — "making love".


The exchange of intimate touch, kissing, hugging and caressing are all parts of intimacy and this does not always relate to just sex but what goes on outside the bedroom as well.

Intimacy in marriage can be viewed differently by a man and woman thus creating a problem in the marriage. Intimacy in marriage is about a husband and a wife connecting through an intimate exchange: a kiss, hug, intimate words, a special look, holding hands or even sitting next to each other watching television.

When couples can gain a better understanding of how to create this intimacy not only in the bedroom but outside of the bedroom, then they will strengthen the bond in the marriage. Intimacy in marriage is that special relationship between a husband and a wife, the love and the passion that they share with one another. Taking steps to put the intimacy back is a process but one that is worth the effort.

Your marriage comes first, before anything else, and making time for it is a priority. Couples must understand that finding quality time to spend with each other alone every week will strengthen the bond of the marriage and make it special.

Sex is not a duty in marriage nor should it ever feel like one! In session one, I recommend my clients to start with the intimate exchange of face touching. This exercise is about getting to know each other again on an intimate level. The exercise can bring about unexpected emotional exchanges that many couples they have not felt in years.

1. Take turns in the initiation. This is the most effective way of working on the intimacy in the marriage and that is each spouse is responsible for initiating the exercise equally. Taking turns being in control of setting up the evening. The face exercise, one spouse touches the other spouses face, hair, lips, ears. The important factor is the person touching is doing it for their own pleasure and the person being touched is just the willing participant. No talking during the exercise. After the exercise is completed, spend time talking about how it felt is important.

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This article was originally published at Squidoo. Reprinted with permission.
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