How a woman can give oral pleasure to her man


How a woman can give oral pleasure to her man
Men on average that cheat in a relationship are looking for oral sex .

Like the Bill Clinton's of the world, many men think it is not really cheating. The fact still remains that it is cheating going outside the relationship for any sexual pleasure.

Why do some men go to great lengths to get oral pleasure from another woman, one main reason is that they are not getting it from their wife or partner. It is difficult to believe that many couples in marriage and long term relationships don't perform oral sex on one another. Oral pleasure for both a man and a woman can be sexual, erotic, fun, sensual and a healthy part of human sexuality.

Pleasing a spouse in a marriage sexually where both husband and wife can enjoy the experience and create a deeper bond of intimacy is the glue to many relationships. As a clinical sexologist (sex therapist) and relationship coach I will have husbands confide in me that, "they really enjoy oral sex, but are not getting it", and that it is a big part of the frustration in the marriage. Many times the man expresses that his wife will do it for him but she seems to not enjoy it, he feels rushed and then just stops asking for it. Giving oral sex is about the enjoyment of pleasing your partner and finding it sexy to watch them get pleasure from the sexual act that you are doing to them. Read more

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