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How does penis size matter to all men both gay and straight?

How does penis size matter to all men both gay and straight?

Does penis size matter as much too gay men as to straight men?

As a clinical sexologist I was interviewed by Howard Bragman along Blogger and YouTube personality Davey Wavey, public health expert Dr. Christian Grov Ph.D., and me Clinical Sexologist Dawn Michael.

Does penis size matter as much too gay men as to straight men?

The point I gained from the roundtable interview was that straight men do not really have the opportunity to compare their penis size to other men’s except for what they see in porn, which is highly unrealistic. A gay man does have a more realistic idea of what is a normal looking size penis in the real world as opposed to a straight man because they are exposed to other men’s penises often.

In someone ways after digesting the information from the show I did come away with an understanding that straight men have more issues with their penis size as opposed to gay men. Many of the men that I counsel, have grown up either accepting their penis size or not, leading to various sexual problems. Many of those problems are a direct result of unrealistic views of a normal penis size brought on by lack of comparison, with most men only gaining their perspective from pornography. As Howard Bergman pointed out in the interview, straight men only see guys in a locker room with a flaccid penis. Straight men don’t really share their penis size or compare with other men, so how do they truly know what is normal?

Another interesting fact that was brought out in the discussion is that straight men who have a larger than average size penis are not always better lovers. In fact with some men it gives them a false sense that they are somehow better lovers, because of their bigger size penis. This may not be so prevalent in the gay community, but for a women she often prefers a man with an average size penis who is a good lovers as opposed to a man with a larger size penis that has never taken the time to be a good lover because he is just too cocky (no pun intended).


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