How A Sex Therapist Can Save Your Marriage


How A Sex Therapist Can Save Your Marriage
Who do you talk to when the sex has gone bad in your marriage?

Marriage counseling is a great way to help resolve issues in the marriage but often falls short of getting into some of the more complicated sexual issues that couples may have. Sex therapist are trained to help with solutions for couples who are seeking help with sexual or intimate related issues in the relationship. Often times it may be difficult for a person to bring up sexual problems with a therapist or psychologist. That is why it is important to know the individual therapists specialty and background before seeking counseling.

A sex therapist may be a marriage counselor, psychologist or sex counselor who has certification in the field of clinical sexology. They often times will be able to make the couple feel more comfortable talking about the sex in the relationship or perhaps sexual dysfunctions that may be occurring. Some of the more common sexual problems that can affect a person's sex life.


Common Sexual Problems

Terms of Male and Female Dysfunction:

1.Orgasmic disorder (anorgasmia). Persistent or recurrent difficulty, delay in or absence of attaining orgasm following sufficient sexual stimulation and arousal, which causes personal distress (for males nocturnal emission may occur).

2. Hypoactive sexual desire disorders/situational lack of desire. Persistent or recurrent deficiency and/or absence of sexual fantasies, thoughts and/or desire for, or receptivity to, sexual activity, which causes personal distress. This can also be situational where the person is no longer feeling sexual desire because of relational problems.

3. Sexual aversion disorder. Aversion to and active avoidance of genital sexual contact with a sexual partner causing marked distress. The individual may experience anxiety, fear and/or disgust.

4. Pelvic pain disorders. Syndromes with various symptoms which often include pain and dysfunction related to urination (including interstitial cystitis), defecation and sexual activity. Keep reading ...

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