Turn Him On with Your Eye Contact


Turn Him On with Your Eye Contact

I get turned on a lot.

But nothing turns me on more than when I’m sitting across from a woman I’m attracted to…

…and I’m looking deep into her eyes and she’s looking back into mine.

I wonder what she’s thinking.

Nothing turns me on more than when I am on a date and I’m sharing a story, and the woman is looking directly into my eyes.

Nothing turns me on more than a woman that’s not afraid of me, a woman that challenges me, that makes me think and tells me how she feels without worrying about what I think or feel or how I’m going to react.

If you want to really date men, and get them to be intrigued by you—look at them.  Stare into their eyes. It drives men crazy.  It makes us wonder what you’re thinking.

We love it.  It turns us on mentally and physically.

A lot of women are afraid of eye contact, they’re afraid to look in a man’s eyes, they’re afraid to be 100% honest because they feel like it takes away their power.

Or they just get inside their head and start thinking about all the ten-thousand things.

But here’s the deal: eye contact is power. It takes a certain level of confidence and strength to hold eye contact with someone—especially if you’re attracted to them—without looking away.

So the next time you’re out on a date, look deep into his eyes, smile and feel great about where you are and what’s going on.

You’ll both be better off for it.

This article was originally published at David Wygant for Women . Reprinted with permission.
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