Why Don't More Women Talk About Masturbation?

Why Don't More Women Talk About Masturbation?

Why Don't More Women Talk About Masturbation?

Masturbation is a great stress reliever ... so why do we still act shameful about it?

Male masturbation — it's everywhere you look from late night TV to songs on the radio. In fact, it's become so commonplace to talk about male masturbation that it's even become a joke. Men get to have all the fun making love (to pies and socks and all sorts of other imaginative things). So why don't we talk about female masturbation on the same level?

Even in my 10 years in this business of selling sex toys (and talking to more than 10,000 women about it), it's still rarely discussed and women almost never admit to doing it. Why is that? 

Why are there no cute jokes and funny euphemisms for women who masturbate? Where are the female equivalents of "rubbing one out," "rosy palm," "sex with someone you really love," "spanking the monkey" or "choking the chicken"? Men talk about this a lot! And most importantly, they talk about it with no shame.


I think in this instance, one of our greatest strengths becomes our biggest weakness. As women, we put taking care of others ahead of taking care of ourselves, both in life and in sex. This trait is beautiful and admirable … but it means once it's time to relax and enjoy ourselves, we can't seem to find the time. We can't just relax and enjoy without thinking about reciprocation. Therefore, we rarely make time to just pleasure ourselves.

Thanks to our anatomy (women are innies, men are outties), it becomes a little more difficult for us to squeeze in time to masturbate. Unlike men, it's not so easy for women to masturbate in the shower before work or rub one out real quick before we hop out of bed in the morning. On top of that, many of us need a little mental masturbation before the physical stuff. Men get hard and masturbate, but turning on the female body requires a little more effort. It happens, obviously. But still, why is it so taboo for women to admit they masturbate? Keep reading ...

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