Can't Find Love? The Top 7 Reasons You're Still Single


Dating: Ladies: The Top 7 Reasons You're Still Single
Finding love starts with you.

Does love seem almost impossible to come by? Are you wondering why she gets the guy, and you don't? Are you pondering why you are ineffective in dating and love? If yes, then wait no longer — here are some answers.

Some people make the world of love out to be more confusing than it needs to be. Love is not a secret. Rather, it's a formula, and a much simpler one than you realize. It may feel frustrating and cumbersome to find it, but it doesn't have to be. Yes, this bold statement comes from a woman who spent eight years serial dating only to be let down over and over again — constantly disappointed, broken up with over text and voicemail, stood up, cheated on, and more. Now, I am here to deliver the goods and explain to you the good news about the subject of love. These are the things I teach my clients.


First, let's start with the bad news: You are single because of one or more of these seven reasons. That's it! The good news is that when you can understand and learn these skills, you will be loveable forever. With these reasons in hand, you can actually pinpoint and fix what is between you and love. When you get the knack of it, it's like riding a bicycle; a skill you'll never forget. And things can shift fast — I mean really fast!

I had a client who did this preparation work. When she met her current boyfriend, the sparks flew immediately. They fell in love in a matter of days. I myself fell in love in four days. Other clients have fallen deeply in love with each other in a few weeks. If your internal cynic is wondering, the answer is a resounding yes, these couples are still going strong and in very happy, healthy and fulfilling relationships. Do they have their ups and downs like I do? Of course, but they are committed to each other. That's the difference!

I am not going to dance around this and cushion it. Instead, I am going to tell you why you are still single and give you the solution. Are you ready? 

Top 7 Reasons You're Still Single:

  1. Your confidence is low. Men can sense your shaky self worth.
  2. Your ability to playfully flirt with men is weak. You struggle to grab someone's attention and keep it.
  3. You're too jammed up with leftovers from past relationships to even see love.
  4. Your negative thoughts are working against you.
  5. You just don't have the skills to be a good partner for someone — yet!
  6. You suffer from poor communication skills because that muscle is wobbly. Hence, someone great slips through your fingers.
  7. You don't put the time and effort into meeting someone, scheduling time to date and making yourself available.

There has been a lot of talk about love being a science or that it's all timing. I joke about the story that love is mysterious or an art. Listening to these "experts" can leave you lost, confused and highly frustrated. I am here to say it's none of that. Love is only about being loveable. What does being loveable mean? It's being someone who can fully love someone else and who can completely be loved. You become someone who avoids losing herself in a relationship to the point of becoming someone not even she likes. I call this being continuously loving and honoring to yourself!

All you need to do is find your loveable self. It's true that you know deep down you're a great person and an excellent partner for someone. That's not the issue. The point is to uncover and maintain being a loveable person because that's the kind of woman men want to fall in love with and never let go. Were you able to see what's keeping you from a loving relationship?

Suzanne Muller is global Dating & Love Life Coach that knows what it takes to escape the dating world and be in the most loving relationship of your dreams. She is the author of Loveable: 21 Practices For Being In A Loving & Fulfilling Relationship and one of co-authors of the international bestselling book, Sex Secrets to a Juicy Love Life. If you’re feeling unlovable and suffering from blame and shame in some way, and you’re willing to look within, then connect with me at my website.

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Suzanne Muller-Heinz is the author of Loveable - 21 Practices for Being in a Loving & Fulfilling Relationship and a co-author for the international bestselling book, Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life. She's a well-known global Dating & Love Life Coach with tons of successful love stories. If you are a woman that is hungry to learn how to escape the chaotic dating scene and understand how to receive love, love a man fully while loving and honoring yourself, then connect wtih her here.

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