When Sex Hurts ... Am I Allergic To My Husband?


When Sex Hurts ...  Am I Allergic To My Husband?
From Sexual Pain to Sexual Pleasure.. Awaken Your Sensual Prime

There’s something painful going on and nobody’s talking… Painful Sex.  It’s difficult to estimate but studies show that anywhere from 13-30 Million women will be affected by vaginal pain at some point in their lifetime.  If you are one of those people who has vaginal pain, it’s really painful and not fun – BELIEVE ME.  My story of vaginal pain started when I went into Peri-Menopause at the ripe young age of 41.  Ouch.  My body closed up and shut down having anything to do with sex.  It was excruciatingly painful and my guy at the time wasn’t a happy camper.

Sexual pain can be caused by a variety of circumstance: injury, childbirth, rape, vaginal disease, trauma, emotional issues, STDs, medication, body changes, hormonal fluctuations, surgery, and sometimes you don’t even know the cause. 


When it happened to me, my world felt like it was closing in and I felt like my body was rejecting me.  I felt totally alone because none of my friends had this issue and even my mom couldn’t relate when I asked her about it.  I started doing some research, which inspired me to “wake up” and find a healthy organic product to make it feel better, Sex Butter!

A little over a year ago I met a woman, Tinamarie, who also experienced sexual pain but for a very different reason.  Tinamarie was 20, married, working in corporate America and her life seemed charmed from the outside looking in.  For years, Tinamarie had been carrying around this secret that she didn’t tell anyone, not even her doctor.  She was ashamed and embarrassed by the pain she felt.  Feeling like she was the only one, she couldn’t bring herself to talk to anyone about it.

Every time Tinamarie and her husband had sex, it felt like there was a knife cutting her body “down there”. Sometimes the pain was unbearable and she felt like she had a “Do Not Enter” sign on her body.  The pain made Tinamarie want to stay as far away from sex as possible and as you can imagine, this didn’t go over to well with her husband who became angry, annoyed, and showed no compassion whatsoever even though she was in so much pain she would cry at time.  Even the thought of a knife cutting your vagina sounds squeamish.

Having sex literally once a year, Tinamarie’s marriage was basically over so she thought – until she found herself pregnant. At Dr. Lissa Rankin office, she had a very painful exam and at the end the doctor asked if there was anything else she wanted to discuss.  With tears in her eyes and the meekest voice possible, out came “sex hurts”.  She finally said it.

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