Bonnie's Story - The Woman Behind Sex Butter!


Bonnie's Story - The Woman Behind Sex Butter!
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Hi! I’m Bonnie Gayle, Co-creator of a product called Sex Butter and a Body Liberator. My story has been an amazing road with many twists and turns along the way leading me to the conclusion that what was of the utmost importance for me was to really connect with and tap into my body fully and completely to feel totally comfortable in my skin. I never realized how disconnected I really was, and the impact being disconnect from my body was having on my life. My transformation into the woman I am today is a powerful story that many people can related to and wow, what a different person I’ve become!

A little about me… I grew up in a traditional Jewish family where the boys were revered and the girls were not. Because of this, I found myself constantly trying to please my father and gain his attention, which, unfortunately wasn’t working. I got straight A’s in school, competed athletically, and tried to infuse myself into conversations I had no interest in such as sports and politics. No matter what I did, the feelings of emptiness and not being good enough were always on my mind. I was looking for something to help make me feel good outside of myself instead of looking within.


Because I was looking for that love from my father, it’s not surprising to me that from a very young age I had sexual predators around me (not having anything to do with my family). My first sexual exposure that I can recall was at the age of 5 or 6 when I witnessed a man masturbating in his car while walking to elementary school. At age 12, I was attacked by a guy stark naked on my way to the track, and at age 16, I was date-raped.

From 14-29, I was being consistently sexually harassed via phone by a strange man who was stalking me. I attracted raw sexuality at a very young age. These situations were very scary and challenging in all sorts of ways and led me to a very dangerous eating disorder that almost took my life in my 20s. Overcoming and healing myself, I now see these experiences as the impetus that helped me answer my, “why am I here,” or my life’s purpose, which I am truly grateful for.

At 41, when I went into early perimenopause, my body shut down overnight. All the work I had done to open up and learn to love myself was in danger of being lost and I was totally beside myself. Mentally and emotionally I was in my sexual prime, however, my body had other plans. I started reaching out to women my age and older, and in the process realized this was a much bigger issue then myself – it was a fork in the road many women would encounter. In order to personally avoid total shutdown, I searched for something healthy to reawaken my libido and help me feel sexually alive again. There was nothing.

Fortunately, being the determined girl that I am, I refused to give up. Instead, I got involved in the world of inventors and found the perfect person to partner up with on the creation of Sex Butter; an all-natural, (paraben-free, hormone-free) personal intimacy sexual enhancement and lubrication made with organic oils and put through a quantum physics process to infinitely enhance intimacy and help heal past trauma.

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