Live Your Best Love Life: Unleash Your Inner Siren


Become Your Inner Siren Telesummit
This weekend, May 18-20: 24 experts share their secrets on sex, intimacy and healing.

Calling a sexy woman a "siren" has not generally been a compliment in our society ... until now. Usually, we refer to femme fatales as sirens, especially ones who are trying to lure our men away. But what if being a siren meant that your inner and outer beauty, plus your capacity to give and receive pleasure —physical and otherwise, were so magnetic that you naturally attracted high-quality men as lovers and life partners? Wouldn't that make being a siren positive, sexy and fun?

In Greek mythology, sirens were said to be "dangerous and beautiful creatures" whose captivating voices and music lured sailors like Odysseus to the rocky shores of their remote island. The sirens' beauty and magic became synonymous with temptation and death, as encountering a siren generally led to an unhappy ending.


Fortunately, modern goddesses are rewriting this myth by letting their inner sirens "sing their songs" and experience pleasure—physical and emotional—in every part of their lives. To teach more women—and men—how to do this for themselves, two dozen experts on sexuality and intimacy recently participated in an online telesummit hosted by "sensuality priestess" and intuitive coach Deonesea La Fey

The full Become Your Inner Siren Telesummit will be available online this weekend (May 18-20) at no charge, in a 48-hour "replay marathon." From 8 a.m. (PT) on Saturday, May 18, through 8 a.m. (PT) on Monday, May 20, you'll be able to listen online to any or all of the 24 interviews—and get instant access to free gifts from Deonesea's "Inner Siren" guest experts. 

When I asked Deonesea what prompted her to interview 24 sex and sensuality experts, she enthusiastically replied:

"I've been working with personal empowerment and embodiment journeys for women for several years by teaching belly dance and using breath work, tantric processes, and deep authentic movement as a form of prayer. This has helped women face things that were emotionally difficult. It also allowed them to tap into the creative power of their womb-space and all the information stored in their bodies. Experiencing a deeper enjoyment of sexuality and sensuality by creating a more intimate relationship with their bodies and their men can help women step more fully into the kinds of careers they'd like to have as well. To be able to share this with women around the world the way I have in my in-person workshops and retreats, I asked people whose work I knew personally or whose books I'd read to participate in a telesummit." 

The result, for Deonesea personally, has been a hugely positive experience, "It's connected me with a whole web of people who are passionate about these things, just like I am. The information they've shared is so rich! I'm excited to help people step further into accepting their bodies and enjoying their sexuality just by listening to our conversations." Keep reading...

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