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Visit me at www.AnneStirlingHastings.com/yourtango for my novels on sexual healing. It is a new genre, Transformational Fiction, and a great way to learn! My novel, Bring Sex and Love Together, The Benefit of Healing Sexual Shame, is on Kindle. 

Men may wish to have more orgasms, and they can of course take care of this themselves. But when they tell their partners that it’s “a guy thing” when they express a need for more sex, I disagree.

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After specializing in sexual healing for more than twenty years, I have had clients who became able to feel loved and loving even when having no sex. They get to discover the real purpose of sex. It affirms that this relationship is more special than what either have with anyone else. They also learn that the act of sex does not mean they are loved. It isn’t meant to fill in a deep, empty place. It is, of course, a wonderful way to interact with that special person. But longing for it, demanding it, and feeling deprived without it, aren’t based on real physiological or emotional needs.

Read my book, Reclaiming Healthy Sexual Energy: Revised for lots more information about this.


When first falling in love, men and women want lots of physical contact - hand holding, snuggling, and sex. This is what moves them from two people into a couple. It makes them family. In our love-deprived culture, both interpret the can’t-keep-our-hands-off-each-other as having finally obtained what they had long been needing. Love at last!

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Anne Stirling Hasting, Ph.D. Go to my website for free short stories and healing novels for sale.  Explore continuing education on Working With Clients' Sexual Issues. Please check out my book, Reclaiming Healthy Sexual Energy: Revised to learn how to heal sexuality. Then Healing Humanity to understand shaming, and how to stop taking it on. Create New Love puts it all together to prepare you for your next relationship. Kindle loans Dirty Sex or Clean Sex, a novel, and it's companion, Bring Love and Sex Together The Value of Healing Sexual Shame. Check out Video Conferencing therapy groups for Men's Sexuality, and Avoidant Attachment.

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Please join me for Transformational Fiction, stories and novels in which I walk characters through all of these difficult love relationship and sexual issues. Only these characters learn to talk and to resolve what is going on. You get to be the fly on the wall as you see how they heal, and how you might, too. Bring Love and Sex Together, The Value of Healing ... Read more

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