Why Time Apart Is The Best Way To Stay Together


Why Time Apart Is The Best Way To Stay Together
Are you worried because your boyfriend likes to spend some time away from you? Don’t be.

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Alone time is one of the healthiest things for a relationship. Spending time apart gives each person time to decompress, to be themselves and to be secure with their identity outside of the relationship. You definitely want your boyfriend to have some alone time and you should welcome the chance to relax alone yourself. Here are the reasons why it’s so important:


Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
It’s a saying for a reason. Make some time to miss each other and you’ll be that much more grateful for the time you spend together.

It Gives Everybody Time To Do Gross Things By Themselves
Do you really want to watch him trim his nose hairs over the kitchen sink? The answer is always no. You need to keep a few mysteries alive or your relationship might fall victim to a fizzled-out sex drive.

Reignite Attraction
When you pick up hobbies that you can do solo, you’ll be able to bring home new skills that will wow your partner. Everyone is attracted to a talented individual, so diversify your wheelhouse. Conquering a new recipe, becoming a trivia buff or learning to sew will all boost your self-esteem as well, which will make you more confident (read: sexy) when you interact with your boyfriend. If nothing else, you’ll at least have something to talk about when you guys reunite and catch up. Watching someone talk about a new passion is always attractive.

Restore The Magic
Spend time apart so that you can relive some of the mysterious excitement from the early days of your relationship. When he picks you up for a date after not seeing you for a few days, you’ll knock his socks off like you used to. He’ll once again be dazzled by how you get your hair so shiny and completely dumbfounded at the good luck he must have to land a bombshell like you. No matter if you’ve been together for 10 months or 10 years, it feels good knowing that you can still take his breath away. Take some time off so that when you’re back together again, you can instantly turn him on.

Avoid The Silly Fights
Being with someone every second is a great way to get irritated quickly. Under ordinary circumstances, you don’t mind the way he forgets to fill up the ice cube trays, but now that he’s done it the last 14 days in a row, it’s wearing on your last nerve. Your annoyance could turn into a passive-aggressive argument and soon snowball into a huge fight that could have been easily avoided. Don’t let unnecessary bickering send you guys off-tilt. Take some time apart to settle your mind before you start getting peevish with each other.

Remember That You’re A Person
It might sound dramatic, but when you spend every waking minute with your boyfriend, it can be hard to tell where he stops and you begin. Your identity shouldn’t be completely wrapped up in your relationship. Take some time off from each other so that you can remember who you are without him. If you don’t maintain your independence, you’ll run the risk of falling into co-dependence, which is a relationship killer. Keep Reading...

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