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This Game-Changing Sex Move Will Please Your Woman


There are so many ways to make a woman come... and too many times men get caught in a single pattern

Sometimes it was from our first serious girlfriend who liked it a certain way, sometimes it's from porn, sometimes it's something that you know "works" fast and easy for the woman in your life right now...

Most often men will default to hard, fast pounding to make a woman climax during intercourse. But if you explore more variety you may find things that work better, things that work "differently" (which is always fun), and even things that she never even realized could make her come (the surprised look on her face is something you will definitely enjoy).

Try this...

Most women are capable of having an orgasm in complete stillness... but usually don't realize it's possible until a lover gives them the experience. Even if it doesn't make her come, she will definitely enjoy it and get very turned on. Here is exactly how to do it, step-by-step...

  1. I like doing this after she has already had a couple of orgasms, or after some fast intercourse that has you both a bit winded, because it's a nice break.From the top (missionary position), lift her knees towards her chest (you can put them over your shoulders if she is flexible), and press deeply and firmly inside of her. Ideally, the top of your penis is pressed into her "deep spot" or anterior fornix (the smooth part right above her cervix), and your groin is pressed tight to hers so that there is pressure on her clitoris.
  2. Tighten up your abs so that you are pressed firmly there, on an upward angle, and just stay still and firm in that position.
  3. Make EYE CONTACT and just hold there, breath deeply and evenly, and let her go through whatever emotional adjustments she needs to make to deal with your gaze and your intensity. She may fall right into staring into your eyes, but more likely, she will laugh, or look at you like she's not sure what's going on, she may experience some embarrassment at being deeply seen, she may ask you, "WHAT?!" Try to just calm her with your eyes and your deep, even breathing until she falls into the sweetness of being close and being connected with eye contact. If you need to say something, just give her some reassurance, or say, "I just want to look at you," Or "You have amazing beautiful eyes." Usually in less than a minute she will relax and meet your gaze and your intimacy. Often at this stage, she may immediately get super-aroused and start squirming to get some motion on her clitoris. Just stay firmly inside of her and your calmness should calm her. (Or, of course, you could just go with it and let her squirm and allow her to come a few times from this position... no rules!)
  4. Begin to let your focus drift to how good it feels to be inside of her. Feel the moist skin inside of her around you, and let yourself enjoy the sensation on the skin of your penis. Increase your own arousal and start deepening your breathing. Let her feel your turn-on, show her your arousal, make some sounds if you feel like it, but just keep looking into her eyes. If you did steps 1 - 3, she will fall right into your arousal state and begin getting more-and-more excited.
  5. If you keep this up for about 2 minutes she will probably have a HUGE orgasm in complete stillness. At this stage all kinds of crazy stuff might happen... She will probably be surprised by both the intensity and the INTIMACY of having an orgasm in this way. She may start to buck to force you into more familiar territory, she may cry, she may laugh. Whatever happens is completely okay. Stay calm and loving and just enjoy whatever comes up for her. She may come by step 2... she may not come at all. If she doesn't come... no big deal... she will get massively turned on, and when you start thrusting again, the sudden change in intensity will probably put her right over the top and give her a super-intense experience. You can also begin thrusting just as she is coming down from her first climax and see if you can send her higher up into a "stacked orgasm". The neighbors might complain about the screaming, but it will be worth it. Try this tonight or the weekend and let me know how it works for you.



The best tip for love making is to "dumbify" your brain. In other words, don't think so much that you spoil it for yourself. Over-thinking can ruin your mood more quickly than anything else. Allow yourself to feel pleasure. Think about how much you deserve to feel ecstasy, and anticipate how incredible it's going to feel when you get there. Basically let go, and allow your physical self to take over.

Don't think about cellulite, don't think about the extra weight you might be feeling, and above all, don't wonder if you're pleasing him enough. In all likelihood, if he's pleasing you, you're sure to be pleasing him, for men have a tendency to think in terms of how well they are accomplishing their goal of making you feel ecstasy.

That's the best tip, bar none.

As always, leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. Average men and women know only the rules. Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS! For Love, Passion and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce

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