What Turns Him Off On a Date?


What Turns Him Off On a Date?
Stop directing all your pre-date energy to your looks...that's not going to make it or break it!

What Happened On the Date that Turned Him Off?

A friend of mine almost canceled a date with a guy because she woke up with a zit. She came over to my apartment freaking out: “How big is it? Is it all you can see when you look at me? Should I make up an excuse to cancel?”


If you’re like many women, the number one thing you focus on before a date is what you look like. What should I wear? Should I have my hair up? Down? Half up? Would wearing heals be sexy or look too high maintenance? But all that effort may be best spent elsewhere, because more than likely what you look like isn’t going to be the make it or break it factor of whether or not a guy likes you.

Think about it, if he was attracted enough to you to be going on a date with you in the first place, it’s not your looks that are in question as he’s getting to know you. On your first few dates he’s thinking: do we have things to talk about? Do I enjoy spending time with her? Do I think she’s intelligent? Does she seem cool? Would she fit into my life? He’s probably not thinking, “Oh…she was just a little hotter last time I saw her.” Hard to believe, but it’s the truth.

How do I know? Because I traveled around the country and interviewed over 1,000 guys about sex, love, and dating for my book Are All Guys Assholes? Here is what they said when I asked them: “What things turn you off on a date?”

34% Bad Conversation
16% Bad Manners
35% Bad personality/attitude
14% Other

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