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Hi! I'm Charly Emery. You may have seen me as a relationship expert on Fox News in LA or Boston where I've shared tips from my modern dating handbook for women, Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass—Use Those Mr. Wrongs to Lead You Straight to Mr. Right! You could have also seen me appear on E! network as a personal strategist on, Opening Act, where I helped performer Von Smith quickly shift the patterns with his mother so they would no longer sabotage his music career.

Have you ever found yourself feeling frustrated or stuck? Maybe you already know what to do yet you can’t figure out why you’re not doing it —so you keep winding up in the same patterns experiencing similar disappointments…

I was there so I know how you feel. Whether you know what to do or don't feel like you have a clue, if you want to be able to cut to the chase and shift things quickly, I’m the perfect person to help you get it done fast. Even though I love my TV gigs, most of the time you’ll find me having private sessions with people just like you via phone, Skype or in person.

My expertise as a personal strategist comes directly from life experience. Check out my personal story and you’ll see why I can relate to how you may feel. Years ago after the trauma I’d repressed resurfaced I knew that rather than traditional therapy, I’d benefit most from a result oriented resource who could help me gain clarity and map out a simple plan of action I could follow to transform my life quickly. I couldn't find that person, so I did the work myself and then became the strategic resource for others that I couldn’t find.

As a strategist I am a problem solver who focuses solely on creating the changes and results you desire as quickly as possible by recycling what you've experienced into what you want. This rids you of emotional baggage too. I remove all the mystery, show you how to shift your patterns and provide you with a simple personalized strategy for creating immediate results. You can see what Celebrity Stylist, Lisa M. Berman had to say about our session in this video along with what other clients say about working with me.

Contact me today for a free 10 minute chat to assess your desires and how we can get you the results you want. Visit me at and sign up for my FREE newsletter so we can stay in touch. Cheers to the best life and love have to offer! 

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The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

After recycling my trauma and accomplishing the personal transformation that some professionals said was impossible, I knew I had to become the resource for others that I couldn't find so I could help them create the results they crave efficiently, effectively and quickly. Knowing firsthand how it feels to crave something better, I wanted to save people time and money so they could experience what they want sooner, which is exactly what my strategic personalized approach does.

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