FYI, This Is EXACTLY What Women Do When You Send Them A Dick Pic

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THIS Is What Happens When You Send Women A Dick Pic
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Run? Scream? Close our eyes? All of the above?

By Hilary White

D*cks are great in practice, but let's be honest — they aren't all that sexy in pictures. Especially weird, grainy ones sent from a phone, when an innocent receiver least expects it.

If one d*ck pic virgin's 89 different reactions weren't enough to convince dudes to keep it in their pants, then hopefully these hilarious responses to multiple d*ck pics will be proof enough.

Several women are shown photos of penises presented in all sorts of peculiar ways — including one stuck through a pizza and another pierced — and filmed as they experience various levels of shock, horror, and dismay.

We do feel kinda bad for the guy out there who elicited the response, "hopefully he has a good personality" from one woman...




This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.


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