The BIZARRE Reason Women Are Drawing Penises On Their Face

Penis Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner that looks like... a penis.

"D*ckliner," as it’s called, is a thing. Could the world get any weirder? You are probably picturing a whole lot of different things right now and whatever it is that you have in mind probably is just as strange as what it actually is.

It sounds like some kind of sexual act — perhaps a sex toy or kinky position. But no, if you thought any of these things, you would be WAY off.

D*ckliner, or penis eyeliner, is a new trend started by 19-year old Asia Brautigan in only the best of ways: through social media. Asia took to Twitter and Instagram to post photos of her latest creative endeavor: winged eyeliner that looks like a penis.

Photo: SELF

This is no joke, folks. There are young ladies all over the internet with hand-drawn penises not only on their face but framing their peepers.

The head of the penis extends out where the wing of the eyeliner usually is and in some photos, it looks like the head is spouting out some glittery goodness. What’s even better is that the kinky makeup artist doesn’t forget the best part: the testicles.

Photo: BuzzFeed

Where do the testicles fit into this picture you may be wondering? The tear duct, that’s where. This girl not only drew a penis on the side of her face but didn’t forget to add the oh-so-important testes, right in her tear duct. WHAT?

But wait. Do the testicles have little hairs on it you ask? Why, of course, it does. Why wouldn’t it?

Talking about the trend, Asia told Buzzfeed, "I think they're all creative and amazingly talented! My d*ckliner will never compare!"

Photo: Metro

This girl is either insane, hopelessly artistic OR she is just trying to prove the point that people will jump on almost any bandwagon that seems promising on the internet.

Could Asia actually be an evil genius who wanted to see if she could get girls around the world to draw penises and testicles around their eyes? Maybe. Just maybe.



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