This Man's Penis Moved To His KNEE After Sleeping With A Married Gal

Photo: The Daily Mail

That voodoo that you do is WACK.

A poor Kenyan man is experiencing a rather significant change in his life, and it is most definitely not for the better.

After sleeping with a married woman, his little member got up and headed south — either for shame or for the winter — and now it resides on his kneeYes, his penis magically got charmed to move from its home in his pelvic region to an area that’s pretty ill-advised, given the amount of moving around that joints have to do.

According to some truly bizarre reports, the man was cursed by the married woman’s husband after they did the horizontal Watusi, which is certainly the most unique way of getting back at a cheating spouse that I’ve ever heard of. After all, who will sleep with a woman when your manhood literally turns into a third leg?

Photo credit: Daily Mail

This isn’t the only time that crazy curses have been named when a spouse cheated. Another pair of lovers, a married woman with an unmarried man, were once “stuck together” after her angry cuckolded husband cursed them. Apparently, they were neither able to stand up nor move away from each other and had to ask for help in their, uh... situation.

They were eventually separated, but only after paying some fees. This sounds like some ridiculous Scooby-Doo style scam where they’re blackmailed to get the “curse” removed, but locals believe that the curses are very real.

Photo credit: Daily Mail

As for the man with the penis on his knee, it brings up a series of interesting questions. Did his testicles get moved as well? Or just the penis? Does he pee from the area where his penis used to sit, or does it just kind of... come out of his knee now? Can he even use a urinal, and how difficult is it to aim when you have to bend over to grab your leg?

Additionally, it might be interesting to know if the “curse” will ever be lifted and if he’ll end up going back to normal. In the meantime, he might want to invest in some long, long shorts and make one of his first flirting lines, “So baby, are you married with a vengeful spouse?” before he does anything else.



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