This Penis Coloring Book Has More White Dicks Than Trump's Cabinet

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penis coloring book


There are a ton of adult coloring books out in the world, so even as bad as 2016 was, at least it gave us the color therapy that we’ll need to make ourselves feel better about it.

Coloring for adults became widely recognized as a great way to de-stress, calm the F down, and get some of our creative juices flowing.

While many companies went with the high road, choosing amazing patterns for their adult-aimed coloring books, so of us wanted more. You can, of course, color amazing images like mandalas, heavenly patterns, magical creatures and beautiful flower scenes, or even stress-relieving animal designs, but then some coloring-book aficionados said wait, this is for grown ups.

And so they immediately went out and drew penises, people having sex, and crude vulgarities all over your pretty little coloring books.

There’s a new adult coloring book out, and it has the delightful title of Cocktastic! Colorful Cocks because there is nothing better in this world than being able to artfully color in a flowery penis when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

This book has come out just in time for Christmas, which is pretty appropriate given its catchy little slogan on the bottom of “Jingle Balls!” There is a unique and uh... vibrant collection of penises of all kinds, done in some seriously interesting patterns and ways.

Ever wanted to color in Michelangelo’s David, or artfully give the appropriate hue to some nuns gettin’ dick from a penis tree? Then this book is not only right up your alley, it might be the greatest gift you’ve ever gotten.

All Photos: EliteDaily

If you know someone who might be absolutely thrilled to get a book that lets them color in flying penises, or even penises on penises, or penises with feet and tails wearing bells, then you should get this book for them ASAP.

Also, have fun with the greatest troll ever when you let someone unwrap this present on Christmas morning and tell their confused, barely awake face, “Merry Christmas! It’s my dick in a box.”

Yeah, you’re welcome.



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