Kenyan Man's Penis Is 10 Times Bigger Than Any Other Penis

Photo: BuzzKenya

Without surgery, this man's dream of becoming a father will never come true.

It's crazy the things that some men will do to make their penises bigger, like the man who injected silicone every day into his member.

But for Kenyan Sorence Owiti Opiyo, the last thing he'd ever want is for his penis to get any bigger, because it's already 10 times the size of the average man's penis! If you picture an entire hog's leg, you can kind of get the idea.

Not only is his penis massively oversized, it's disfigured towards the tip. All he wants is to start a family but this dream is impossible as long as his penis remains the same, as it's too enormous for him to even have sex.

According to BuzzKenya, Opiyo is suffering from a rare disease — one so rare that it doesn't even have a name, and Opiyo is most likely the only person in Kenya (or maybe anywhere) to suffer from it.

Photo: BuzzKenya

Opiyo hasn't had the easiest life. He was five when his parents died and his grandmother took him in. When he was ten, an odd swelling appeared in his groin that looked similar to a boil. Opiyo and his grandmother waited for the boil to disappear, but instead it continued to grow.

His grandmother brought him to a doctor who recommended an operation, which subsequently reduced the swelling for a time. However, the condition returned and Opiyo's penis grew tragically large

Opiyo is unable to work and had to drop out of school as the result of bullying from the other kids. His penis has become his nightmare.

Photo: BuzzKenya

Opiyo is 20 years old now, and his family is trying to raise funds to pay for another medical procedure. There have been articles in BuzzKenya and The Daily Mail in hopes that when people hear Opiyo's story, they will want to donate to his cause. Olivia Ranguma, the wife of the Kisumu Governor, has given some financial assistance to Opiyo and his family for medical expenses.

Opiyo was recently admitted to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Hospital in Kisumu, Kenya and I'm sure they'd pass along any donation anyone might wish to send.


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