10 Signs You're A TOTAL Dog Mommy (& Proud Of It!)

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Kylie Jenner Dog Mom
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Man's best friend turned toddler.

It's ONE thing to have "a dog" and something completely different to call said dog "my baby" or "love of my life". It’s not enough to just own the fluffy goofballs, many of us find ourselves committing to a higher role than just caretaker. 

Here are ten (OK, maybe super obvious) signs you might be a LITTLE obsessed (in a good way!) with your dog ... I mean baby:

You find yourself overwhelmed with pride whenever they go to the bathroom outside.
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... or bring you “gifts” of the grosser variety.

You talk to them —​ maybe even sing to them.
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WHAT? It’s not THAT weird. Everyone does it.

You're a total SUCKER for those big, sweet puppy eyes.
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Disciplining is important, but really you take away whatever they chewed, wag your finger, and give them a treat ten minutes later because they look hungry.

You're a dog park REGULAR.
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 Sure, you go to the dog park, but not to make them tired. It's to socialize them (of course!) The exhaustion is just a plus.

You don't mind waking up and going to sleep ... on your dog's terms.
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You accept the full time job of their nine o’clock curfew and their five o’clock wake up call.

Friends want you to go out? Yeah, probably not happening.
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You weigh the options between a “family” movie night at home and staying out late with friends. But you ALWAYS have to be back home on TIME! 

You use trips to the dog park to talk about ... your dog.
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At the dog park you talk to the other dog parents explicitly about your dogs and their wellbeing.

You take time off of work to bring Fido to his monthly check-up.
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You are persistent with their medications/vet visits/eye boogies. 

You call the gunk in their eyes “eye boogies”
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Well, DUH.

You bring your dog absolutely EVERYWHERE and think about them NON-STOP.
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You love those goofy creatures no matter what. BFFs for LIFE!