Penis Lipsticks Are OFFICIALLY A Thing Because This World Is Weird

Photo: buzzfeed
Lipsticks Shaped Like Penises Are Now A Thing


Today, in things shaped like penises, comes a new addition that's either a genius invention or a bizarre product.

Adding to the list, which includes penis gummies and penis cakes, is none other than Mushroom Penis Lipsticks. Yes, they are tubes of lipstick shaped like dicks, dubbed The LipDick by BuzzFeed.

LipDicks are available on Amazon (they are described by the site as Pecker lipstick) and cost $18 for one 12-pack. Each pack comes in a variety of colors and shades.

"From hooker reds, creamy pinks, sparkly mauves, and opal rouge ... each lipstick case is a clear phallic-shaped top with a twist bottom and gold foil script," says the product description. It also comes "complete with a veiny shaft and perfect mushroom head."

Interestingly, Amazon listed it as frequently bought with "Super Fun Penis Candy," and a bunch of other penis-related products. Good to know that there's no shortage of dick-shaped objects on the internet.



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