Once You See This Man's 'Penis Pearling' You Can’t Unsee It (NSFW)

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penis pearling
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What in the....???

Generally speaking, both women and men are familiar with the shape and overall look of a man’s penis. But that was before penis pearling. 

What's that, you might ask? Before I answer that, I want to guarantee that you really want the answer to the question. If you're really willing to take the red pill and find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes, then here you are.

This is penis pearling.

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“Pearling” dates back a long time to ancient southeast Asia, where it was a widespread practice to use tudrucks (penis “pins”) and sakras (penis "rings”) and insert them into a young adult’s penis. The practice was done largely for the stimulation of sex partners, which I suppose was thoughtful, and eventually, the tudrucks and sakras could be changed out with bluntly spiked rings and decorated with colorful beads. Because hey, why not?

I’ll let your imagination run wild as to why this particular piercing became popular.

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Yep. That is one... interesting penis.

The practice has in recent years, at least, been most associated with the Japanese crime syndicate the Yakuza, who would perform this act upon their members (no pun intended) for each year they spent in prison. So, one year = one pearl, and for longer stays, things just kept getting bumpier.

There has been a newer tradition of “pearling” using sub-dermal implants, which can be achieved in a tattoo and piercing parlor. While this tradition doesn’t show any signs of stopping, doctors have warned against it due to the dangers involved, including erectile dysfunction and infection, as well as leading to problems with a man's urethra. 

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Piercing and implanting objects in your penis is dangerous. Go figure. 

As recently as 2013 in the Philippines, pearling, referred to as bolitas, was commonly done among sailors, specifically older men, to differentiate themselves from international sailors, and to, as Wikipedia states it: “curry favor among prostitutes.”

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Admittedly, this isn’t even the strangest thing men have done with their penises, but it's by far one of the more outlandish styles.

Regardless of the popularity of this method of bedazzling penises, I think I speak for women everywhere when I say: Men, if you want to give your lady pearls, keep it in the form of jewelry.




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