5 HILARIOUS Times Women Couldn't Believe The Size Of His Dick

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Penis gummy
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Who says penis pranks are strictly for bachelorette parties?!

What’s better than putting the words, penis and pranks into one sentence? Well … turning them into videos!

Yep, you got that, penis pranks.

The Internet has been taken over by these penis pranks where men insert a fake HUGE penis into their pants,a camera on their belt and just wait for the people’s reactions.

It’s pretty darn hilarious.

And today we’ve counted down the top 5 penis pranks for you:

1. And the "Only in Florida" jokes continue.. 


2. Subway goers can't seem to look away either!


3. We've seen Brazilians do their scary pranks, but they love their penis ones just as much!


4. Being caught on camera can be extremely embarrassing


5. And most times you can't help but laugh...


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