13 Reasons Sex Toys Are INFINITELY Better Than Men

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Sex Toys Are INFINITELY Better Than Men
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Seriously, they are.

Sex toys are polarizing, but in an imaginary way. People don't talk about them much and when they do, they're in denial about their appeal. (Alternatively, there are also people who talk about them almost too much, like those pals who trick you into going to sex toy parties to buy stuff, despite you liking to keep your private life private.)

But let's be honest with ourselves and each other: Vibrators and sex toys are a thing, they've been a thing, and they'll continue being a thing until we invent an Adonis for every woman and an Aphrodite for every man.

And frankly, they make being single AND  taken more fun. Sometimes they even trump actual dudes. Here's how.

A vibrator will never have morning breath.
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Sex toys don't care what you look like.
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You'll never have to worry about a sex toy leaving a souvenir behind.
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Sex toys don't need coaching to get the job done.
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coach 4
Sex toys won't neglect you when a new Call Of Duty comes out.
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A vibrator doesn't come with stupid friends.
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As long as you're diligent with battery charges, a vibrator will never finish early.
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Sex toys aren't scared of commitment ... and they won't pressure you into it, either.
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Barring some really weird circumstances, sex toys will never get you pregnant.
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Vibrators don't get jealous when you get curious about others.
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They do this when you want them to.
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A vibrator can be whoever you want, and you will never feel guilty about it.
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Uh, hello? They feel good!
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