Aww! 8 Friends Build 4 Tiny Houses To Live Together On "Bestie Row"

Photo: Alexander Stross
Bestie Row

They are so winning the friendship game!

Remember those days when you pinkie promised your best friends that no matter where your career or love life took you, you'd find a way to be roomies again?

Well, a town in Texas is taking that promise literally.

According to the Lighter Side of Real Estate, a group of eight best friends decided that they'd all live together on a small property. The sweetest part about this is that these four families have been friends for over twenty years (and are actually married to each other).

They are so winning the friendship game and definitely are making us jealous about our own friendships!

Originally, they were planning on building a huge house for everyone to live in. That is until they realized this isn't exactly plausible if you're trying to raise a family, especially with that many people in one home. Plus, if we're being honest, no one should ever be that close, no matter how much you love them. Good call.

Instead, they decided on creating "bestie row" or the "Llano Exit Strategy," which is basically a row of tiny houses that were inspired by General Contractor Chris Heininge's tiny house design. That way, each couple could do their own thing and still find time to borrow a cup of sugar.

We don't know about you but we definitely think this is a win-win situation for everyone involved. After all, your bestie is already family. So why wouldn't you live together? Friendship, you're doing it right.

Here are a few pictures of what bestie row looks like:

These tiny houses are so gorgeous! Plus, what's better than spending your life near the ones you love most?