10 Reasons Joe Biden Is The Coolest (And Weirdest) Guy Ever

Amy Poehler, Joe Biden and Seth Meyers from The Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seriously, Joe Biden is out of control.

I don't know anything about politics. I mean it. I don't know what a Democrat is. If somebody says they're a Democrat, they might as well make a word up, because all I hear is nonsense. Politics and politcal opinions mean nothing to me.

That said, when the images of Vice President Joe Biden possibly massaging that guy's wife during a press conference starting trending, all I could have was an honest reaction. See, people that follow politics have to support their party. Democrats have to think something good about what Joe Biden does. Republicans have to find a way to make it seem evil. They don't have a choice, that's what they do.

Me, all I could see was the truth. That this man, this Joe Biden, is some sort of cool to bones maniac. He's crazy, but he's also our only hope. If you don't believe me, I've collected evidence (in GIF form)!

Don't worry, Joe Biden's here. He'll help dispose of the body. That's what he does.
Joe Biden moves like a velociraptor, and I'm not sure if he's hunting me or just getting sleepy.
He's talking about the cat he ate for breakfast that morning.
Even during the State of Union, Joe Biden's got time to put some sex in the air.
Here he is wishing that Obama would talk about something sexy for once!
He's either laughing at something dumb his debate opponent said, or he's imagining what his flesh will taste like.
Is he saying "hot tub" here? Did Biden run for vice president on a platform of "hot tub!"? If so, he deserves every vote.
Joe Biden only wears scarves when he's in a car. Seriously, he's going outside and he's talking his scarf off, he's doing everything in reverse.
Only a fool drinks before his opponent does. A fool that wants to end up poisoned!
"Just start making weird faces and no one will notice how sleepy you are."- Advice from Joe Biden