The Surprising Benefit Of Dating Someone Who Isn't Your Type

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There's a reason why they say opposites attract!

For those of us who have been in the dating game for awhile, we know that it can be really hard to go out of our comfort zone. Even though we go on dates with the thought of being open-minded to finding love or even friendship, being able to actually put that into practice can seem next to impossible. It's not that we're intentionally being picky; it just isn't that easy to break out of our habit when we have a certain "type" that we're going far.

But that's the problem right there. Although having a type is healthy and normal, we actually do a disservice to ourselves by refusing to explore our options. In fact, this video is pretty much proof that just because you don't sound perfect on paper doesn't mean that you won't turn out to be a great match:

When Rose Ann first met Andrew, she wanted nothing to do with him. Coming from the Philippines with her boyfriend at the time, she wasn't looking for anything. But despite all of her reservations, she still decided to give him a chance and see if the relationship was worth pursuing. When it comes to dating, that is one of the biggest (not to mention one of the most important) leaps of faith that you can take. One of the things that is so heartwarming about this video is that without knowing how it happened or why, they both knew that they found their way to their true soulmate.

Hearing Andrew say things like "you go into a relationship with them expecting there to be a very different upbringing and the more time we spent together, the more it became apparent that there wasn't going to be any time without her" and that life is "so much better now that I have her and these things in it" affirms the fact that regardless of your dating preferences, fate is something you can't control. And if you don't believe in fate, think about it like this. If you find yourself on the fence about dating someone that you normally wouldn't date, what's the worse that can happen? Seriously. From what I see in this video, Rose Ann and Andrew are proof that opposites really can attract and that love has no type.


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