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9 OMG Breakup Texts That Are Seriously The Worst

breakup text
Heartbreak, Self

Your "I just can't ..." of the day.

Breaking up through texting. The way to go? Or Insensitive. The jury's still out but in order to curb future offenders, a primary school took it upon itself to teach children how to properly end relationships through text, email and Skype.

I guess it will be unavoidable that people will end more relationships through technology, but at least they will be polite about it.

"Seeing children in the playground shouting 'I don't like you anymore,' and shoving each other to the ground made me realise how behind we are. By 2018, every 9-year-old will be able to compose a beautiful, handwritten letter ostensibly absolving the dumpee of all blame while leaving them with haunting doubts about every aspect of their appearance and character," explained Minister for Schools David Laws to The Daily Mash. This is definitely an optimistic view of the future for break ups.

If only everyone else was concerned about having much healthier breakups! There actually have been quite a few messy breakups that have occurred over text. Some of them have the bluntness of school children, some of them have no problem blaming the dumpee for their problems, and some of them take things even further ... with batman quotes.

Here are 9 of the worst break ups through texts.



An Attempt At Honesty
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Looks Like He'll Be Getting A Breakup Text Soon, Too
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Creative But Cold.
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Batman's Not Going To Save You From This One

See? Grammar Really Can Be A Dealbreaker

Knock Knock Jokes Aren't Always Funny

At Least She Rhymed

One Reason To Not Breakup Over Text? Autocorrect




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