Let's Just Be Friends: The Absolute Worst Friendzones On Film


Ooh, burn.

"Friendzone" - a hellish pit of loneliness one finds himself (or herself) when the object of his/her affections says they'd like to be friends, forever, and nothing more. For example, there's poor Duckie in Pretty in Pink or Jorah (Khaleesi's minion) on Game of Thrones. These lovestruck fools found themselves fools of the friendzone. And yes, it felt like a fate worse than death.

So here are some of the worst friendzone victims of all time, from both TV and film. Vote up the worst friendzones in film and TV history - those pitifully lovelorn characters who just couldn't escape the dreadful words, "Let's just be friends."

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This article was originally published at Ranker. Reprinted with permission from the author.


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