15 Types Of Selfies You're Posting — And What They Really Mean


Can we all agree the kissy face has got to go?

The word ‘selfie’ was coined in Australia in the olden days (2002). A drunk guy posted a blurry image of himself and posted it on social media for all to see. I’m sure there were many selfies before then, but they weren’t documented on the internet, and as we now know, that means they don’t count. Social media brings many pros and cons to this world we live in and we’re not quite sure what merit the selfe brings, but we’re thankful it made its mark! People of all shapes and sizes, in every corner of this earth, take and (most importantly) post these in-your-face-look-at-me pixilated gems!

Selfie was awarded ‘Word of the Year’ in 2013, and for that we can probably thank the (self proclaimed) selfie queen, Kim Kardashian. She’s posted thousands of the little suckers: in her bathing suit, getting her makeup done, on dream vacations, even with her little baby girl, North! She's even releasing a book of her selfies.

As social media explodes (and the world gets smaller and smaller) we are all (thankfully?) being updated on everyone’s lives. Your neighbor, your brother-in-law, the guy on the news, even your doctor takes selfies. Here's a break down of the different types of selfies and what kind of message they’re sending out into the online world. You’re welcome.

Warning: When taking a selfie, proceed with caution. Objects on Instagram can and will appear more filtered and awesome in your mind then they are in reality.

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