5 Gifts Guys Should Never, EVER Give Us On Valentine's Day


Plus four great gift ideas to make the day a hit.

Let's face it, guys. You never want to end up in your girlfriend or wife's proverbial doghouse, but Valentine's Day might be the worst possible night to spend sleeping on the couch. One way to ensure you stay in your lady's good graces is to make sure you buy her a great gift. Of course, the most important part of this certain holiday is the time you spend with your S.O., but picking the right gift goes a long way to putting a smile on her face.

While you can find gift guides everywhere that tell you what you should buy to warm their little hearts, there's not always a guide to tell you what to avoid buying for Valentine's Day. I'm here to change that. Check out my list of gifts that might just be the only things worse than buying your girlfriend or wife nothing at all.

This list is designed to keep you in your significant other's good graces. So follow my tips, avoid lousy gifts, and make this a Valentine's Day your honey will never forget. And always remember, the most important thing you can do on Valentine's Day is to be present and in the moment when with your wife or girlfriend. Enjoy!

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